Registration When you register there are two types of accounts available, Free and Paid. The Free account holds 10 dives or 50MB (whichever comes first), and the Paid account holds Unlimited Dives or 2GB. Upon completion of registration a confirmation email will be sent. Once the link is clicked on the account is activated and you may begin using DiveCloud. You will always have the option to upgrade from Free to Paid.

Your Dive Activities The map displays all the locations your dives have taken place at. The color key above explains how many dives occurred at a specific location. The dive stats to the right are compiled from the files you have currently uploaded to DiveCloud. Each time a file is uploaded the map and stats are updated.

Creating Folders A Folder can be created by selecting on the Files & Folders screen. Folder names can be up to 32 characters but the following symbols may not be used: \ / : * ? ’ < >|&

Adding Dives There are two ways to add dive files to DiveCloud:
  • Select from the Files & Folders screen, choose the dive files you wish to add and select Upload (Only dive files in .ZXU format can be uploaded to DiveCloud)
  • Sync files from DiverLog

Dive File Name

A .ZXU file that is uploaded to DiveCloud retains the name of the original file.

A dive that is synced from DiverLog is automatically assigned a name in the following format:

Product Code_Product S/N_YYYYMMDDhhmmss_PDC Dive No.zxu

File Options The following options are available by right clicking on a dive file:

Preview – This feature displays a quick view of the dive in graph format

Download – The file is downloaded in .zip format containing the .ZXU file and pictures

Upload new version – Allows you to upload a new version of the file

Add Tags – By adding a Tag it allows that file(s) to become searchable

Move – File can be moved between folders

Delete – Deletes dive file from DiveCloud

Location – Dive Site, Location, City, State/Province, and Country information can be added

Add Photos – Photos can be added to the dive

Dive Information By left-clicking on a DiveCloud file you can access its’ Dive Data, Graph, Profile and Photos.

Dive Data – Contains a brief summary of the dive

Graph – This is a detailed visual representation of the dive with multiple features. When the mouse is hovering over the “Graph Options” icon you have can toggle between various display options. After clicking on the graph you may add a photo or bookmark to that selected point by using the “Photo” or “Bookmark” icon.

Profile – All information recorded by the device, at its set sample rate displays here.

Photos – All photos uploaded to the dive display here

Sharing You have the ability to share your dive with a friend. Click the checkbox to the right of the file name and select “Share”. A link to the dive will display below the file, and then you have two options:
  • Chose “Send”, enter your friends email address and DiveCloud will send the link to them
  • Copy and send the link yourself
All your friend has to do is click on the link to view your dive
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